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We are proud to offer a wide-range of Martial Arts and Self Defense classes tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group classes. Our Instructors are highly skilled and patient. We offer special training and discounts to all levels of Police Officers, Military Personnel and corporate memberships, as well as group discounts.

Our featured classes include:

Self Protection - The Term Mixed Martial Arts is often mis-used so let's clarify. Any time (2) or more styles of fighting are present you have "Mixed" the "Martial Arts". Our training styles are very popular and growing as a sport. Our training focuses on many of the areas that you see being utilized during these "UFC" style of competitions. Our school teaches you through the use of a rotating curriculum that mixes' the best techniques of several forms of Martial Arts BUT is geared to Self Protection!

We focus on a specialized set of self defense skills that is taught in 'Modules' that allow for a student to quickly gain an understanding and comfort level, no matter when they join our school. Our Rotating Curriculum also allows for variety and keeps students engaged with our teaching for as long as they find value in our system. Some of the areas that we will be teaching include:

Kenpo -
Kenpo originated in Japan and was first offered in the US in the state of Hawaii. At it's core Kenpo is Street Fighting. Kenpo is the purest form of Karate and with our teaching students will learn to move out of the way of an adversarys then strike and/ or block all varieties of strikes and then neutralize the would be attacker. Kenpo is an incredible form of self defense that will train your mind, body and spirit.  You will learn how to hurt any attacker (especially larger ones) with this style of fighting. With a heavy dose of human anatomy we will train you where to strike the attacker to inflict the most harm with the quickest and shortest movements possible. We emphasize Power, Speed and Accuracy as the basis to all of our Kenpo teaching.

Muay Thai- Our Muay Thai classes are taught by Muay Thai champion Jose Garcia. This class will teach you to strike with punches, knees, elbows and kicks. You will learn to fight from the clinch, push off and increase your striking skills with careful planning. In this class you will increase your fitness, balance and confidence. There are a total of (5) of these classes per week.

Wrestling- Our Wrestling classes are offered 2x per week and are taught by Collegiate and High School champion Zack Hocker. Zack will teach you the best techniques from Wrestling and Grappling with a BJJ twist. You will learn how to take down an opponent, position yourself for entries and develop incredible balance and strength. Wrestling is a wonderful cardio workout and is great for improving your fitness.

Cardio-Fit Cross Training -
Cardio Fit will strengthen your core as well as focus on building your cardio stamina. We'll use tried and true techniques such as planks, squats medicine balls, jump ropes, battle ropes, tractor tires and more to burn calories and build muscle. Come get SWEATY WET with us!

Grappling/ BJJ - The UFC has popularized the sport of BJJ/ Grappling. We offer some classes specifically designed to deal with an attacker when the fight goes to the ground. We will teach you how to stay on your feet and counter an attacker that will try to tackle you or take you down to the ground.

IF you 'must' go to the ground we'll show you how to effectively escape a mounted opponent quickly. Grappling will also teach you several submissions, joint manipulations, chokes, holds etc so that you'll be able to use to neutralize an attacker. Grappling is also great for improving fitness and building strength and endurance. 

 Stick and Knife Defense - The most dangerous attacker you'll normally face is an attacker with a weapon. We will teach you how to notice a weapon and how to defend against sticks, bats, pipes and knives. This training goes hand in hand with our main Kenpo training work. 

Kids Training - Bully Managament- Bullies have been around for years, we have all had run ins with them at some point in our past. What makes the Bully of today so dangerous is the amount of organization and the influence of social media as part of the bully arsenal as a tool to control victims with regularity and overwhelming power that most kids simply aren't prepared for.

Our training is designed to teach children how to focus their mind and body. Confidence, awareness and conflict resolution verbally then through physical action (if needed) are stressed in ALL of our kids classes. We are not a 'babysitter' school and we insist on all kids learning the self protection techniques that will enable them to achieve the same results as an adult with their own unique set of skills. We will teach your child how to show the attacker they mean business and prepare them mentally and physically to offer a defense that most bullies have difficulty overcoming. Kids in ALL of our classes learn the vital areas of the body and how to inflict crushing damage to their attacker, within their commitment to only bring action to an attacker if that attacker shows a threat. We strongly drill our students to understand that our teaching is for defense purposes only and that the best defense to any fight is to avoid one in the first place.

In addition to Bully Management all of our kids learn how to protect themselves against an adult attacker/ abductor. We teach children how to deal with an adult attacker that grabs them, picks them up or lunges at them. We teach our kids classes with an emphasis on confidence, precision striking to the vital areas (eyes, ears, groin and throat) and how to get away and/ or call immediate attention to the threat/ attack.

Teens Training - Our training for teens is similar to that of the kids training but we spend more time on competition styles of boxing, kickboxing, BJJ-Grappling and Kata forms. Our teen training focuses more on self control and physical fitness than our kids classes.

Little Dragons - our Little Dragons class is just for kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.  This fun, 30 minute class is held just before our main kids class on Monday and Wednesday nights.  We emphasize fun, fitness, focus and balance in addition to the basic attacker defense that we teach the bigger kids classes.  We teach these important skills through the use of games, drills and repetition in a structured learning environment.  This class will also build upon student's learning their colors, numbers and left/right side, as well as body control.  Little Dragon's is intended to graduate students into our main kids class with a special rank once they reach 7 years of age and has met the Little Dragon's requirements.


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