Be Prepared....Win!

For Adults - What would you if an intruder broke into your house later tonight with the intent of harming you and your family? Would you be prepared?

For Kids - How do you continue learning at school if a bully is beating you everyday and making you an outcast?

We Teach U the Solution=
Self Protection
Bully Management

Our training is great for improving:

Our School will teach you to Fight to Win - WITH - Power, Speed & Accuracy
Also-  Threat Analysis and Recognition
Decision making without fear
Agility, Fitness and Endurance

Confidence & Awareness
Anxiety/Stress Management
Focus & Mental Toughness

Our teaching format features a rotating curriculum that will teach you the best skills from Kickboxing, Grappling, BJJ, Kenpo, Street Fighting and More. The programs are designed to prepare each student to be able to defend themselves in a short period of time.  We pride ourselves on having a friendly and positive environment where anyone will feel welcome. You will Apply what you learn in our school. Every night someone will try to punch, kick, grab, tackle, rush and charge you at the end of every class.

We have been reviewed on

Give us a try Come see if you like our training, we invite you to try our first class for FREE! Come to as many classes per week as you'd like, all for the same price!

Spring 2013 Class Schedule:

5 Classes - Just $20.00

Little Dragons Class- Monday & Wednesday:
Little Dragons (3 - 6 yrs)                    5:30pm - 6:00pm

Kids Class, Adults Only Class- Monday thru Thursday:
Kids (6 - 14)                                  6:00pm - 7:00pm
Adults (15 and up)                        7:00pm - 8:00pm

New- Cardio Fit                                9am-10am

Cardio Fit (All)                            5:30pm-6:30pm

Adults (14 yr and up)             9:00am 10:30am
Kids (6 - 14 yr)                       10:30am – NOON
NEW- Cardio fit              1pm- 2pm and 2pm-3pm

NEW - Cardio Fit          8am-9am and 9am-10am
NEW - Hapkido                           10am-Noon

9272 Tamarus Street, #115
Las Vegas, NV  89123 (at Serene next to Sil verado HS)

Call 702-567-0026 to get started today!
Sifu Trent Looney - Owner & Black Belt Instructor


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